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Graphene & 2D-Materials

Graphene & 2D-Materials pose not only the ultimate limit in terms of thickness (down to one atomic layer) but also further exhibit many interesting properties including high charge carrier mobilities, tuneable charge carrier densities, high carrier velocities (speed), tuneable energy band gaps, broadband optical absorption and the possibility to assemble different 2D-crystals into hetero-structures by stacking them on-top of each other to fabricate completely novel materials.

We are particularly interested in co-integrating Graphene & 2D-materials with conventional 3D-materials such as silicon, other semiconductors and low dimensional structures to overcome limitations and extend the technological potential of 3D-materials and enable novel applications.

Nano- and Micro-(Opto-)Electro-mechanical-systems (N/M(O)EMS)

The down-scaling of mechanical structures to micron-sizes and below has led to devices such as acceleration- & pressure-sensors and gyroscopes for consumer and automotive applications (MEMS). These mechanical structures can further be used to assemble optical devices for tuneable filters, modulators, micro-mirrors and spectrometers (MOEMS). 

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